Monday, February 13, 2017

Paul Rudnick: 'Maybe Disgust Will Unite Us'

I couldn't -- and haven't -- said it better myself. (If you don't understand why Trump is categorically unfit to be president, there really is something fundamentally wrong with you.)

Paul Rudnick writes:
There's only one thing preventing any national unity or discussion between Americans with opposing points of view: Trump. The national conversation no longer even pretends to be centered on issues, on matters which concern everyone. You're either physically repulsed by Trump, or you're not. 
I can't watch him. His complete ineptitude and lack of focus, on anything or anyone besides himself, are expressed through his dithering hand gestures and incoherent vocal patterns. Every time he speaks, he's trying to bluster his way through a total lack of interest or information. 
Since the election, Trump has nominated a cabinet of ill-equipped, wealthy and often viciously bigoted elitists, and that's about it. Even if you agree with Trump, on ramping up national security, his bungled attempt at policing immigration has been disastrous. The courts have rightfully blocked efforts that have separated families, prevented scientists and medical students from returning to the United States, and have made no one the slightest bit safer. 
Trump had promised jobs, the Wall, the instant repeal of Obamacare and its replacement with a perfect system, and a vast array of other, often lunatic goals. He's delivered nothing. His supporters, for the most part, don't care. They got the only thing they wanted because it was the only exercise under their control: Trump's election. Now they're happy to never mention their candidate's broken promises, and a majority of Trumpites believe that the mythical Bowling Green massacre actually occurred and that Trump's equally invented claims of voter fraud are true.Their work is done. Conspiracy junkies are always happy because they never need to take personal responsibility for anything. On a more encouraging note, Trump's opposition remains strong and indisputable. Every day brings more vast protests all across the country and more legal challenges. Trump's approval ratings are the lowest in history for an American president and no one's letting him forget it. His team of increasingly weary, robotic footsoldiers, including Kellyanne, Spicer and that latest dead-eyed lump of cannon fodder, Stephen Miller, are being mercilessly lampooned. 
If Trump weren't so morally repellent, it might be easier to overlook his lesser gaffes. His defense of Ivanka, after Nordstrom dropped her fashion line, could be viewed as merely silly. When Kellyanne encouraged Americans to buy Ivanka's products, she was obeying orders. But it's impossible to forgive Trump anything. His constant, infantile attacks on his enemies, real and imagined, render him too grotesque and shameful. 
Trump hasn't just caused Americans to disagree: he's made us hate each other. No one's backing down and why should they? For Democrats to engage, they have to pretend Trump doesn't exist. And Republicans, for the most part, are now exhausting themselves in trying to squirm around the malice and buffoonery of their elected leader. 
How long can this stalemate continue? Will anyone blink? There's only one answer: as long as Trump remains in office, America will suffer horribly. Because without a leader, nothing gets done and no one feels better. But at least all the calls to "give him a chance" or "respect the office" have grown fainter. Maybe disgust will unite us.

We're all going TO DIE.

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