Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Adidas Exploiting Dominic Thiem's Best Asset?

I see my friends and I weren't the only one to notice Dominic Thiem's visible brief lines down in Rio, where the Austrian cutie advanced to the semifinals today with a routine win over Argentine Diego Schwartzman. Couldn't also help but notice that Dominic and Rico Bellotti haven't posted a single photo together since the Italian stallion was seen cheering his bubble-butted friend on Down Under. Is there trouble in paradise?


So Thong It's Right said...

Those briefs are high cut to say the least. Practically approaching a thong. I'm not complaining though.

As for Rico, perhaps they haven't both been in the same city since Australia. Rico only plays ITF and Challenger events. In fact, he's never played a main draw ATP Tour match.

Since their schedules don't typically align, they have to squeeze in as much time as they can when they are together. Share hotel rooms, take photos, share their love, etc.

jaragon said...

Sex sells...

Rex said...

Wow, I hope he gets even briefer... :)


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