Wednesday, February 01, 2017

How Fake Grindr Accounts 'Stole' One Man's Life

Actor Matthew Stephen Herrick -- who played Bryan on the low-budget series "DTLA" -- says the creation of multiple fake Grindr profiles have led to more than 700 men he's never interacted with showing up at his work and apartment looking for sex, sometimes believing he has a rape fantasy so they should not take no for an answer under any circumstances. He says his ex is behind the insanity and that Grindr refuses to do anything to stop him. Now he's suing


swine said...

So being a sex addict can be fun (along with being annoying & tedious) and can get you killed? And maybe putting out a zillion naked pics along with all your personal info may not be a great idea? Wonder if he counted all 700 to make sure it wasn't 695.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Swine: Are you sure you read this correctly? Not sure using Grindr means you deserve to be threatened and harassed.

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