Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This Week in Fascism

Don't be fooled by Trump's seeming lack of attention to governing. The worst of the worst are busy at work on his behalf. (Via Jon Reinish)


Mike in Asheville said...

Does gross exaggeration really help? While there are versions of truth in Jon Reinish's list, there is a whole lot of misinformation and fakeness too. Ever since Marberry v Madison (1803, or, EVERY INAUGURATION SINCE), it has been protocol of presidentially appointed cabinet and subcabinet level, ambassadors and special envoys, and pretty much all other political appointments, offer their resignations effective acceptance by the incoming president.

Also, as with every incoming new administration, there are well over 100 immediate appointments (15 secretaries plus 4 or more unders and assistants), agency heads and their unders and assistants), etc. That multi Senate committee hearings happening at the same time is typical -- and for a century, scheduling has been used to attempt to squeak through problem appointees.


Take on the fascism with full force! But misdirection by the opposition only furthers the ability of evil. Reinish complains that Team Drumph is using misdirection to get their team in place; yet his own use if misdirection prevents focusing on the evil behind the scenes too.

Steve said...

Wasn't Marberry one of only 4 people who didn't end up keeping his job when Jefferson took office? That's what I remembered from that case.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Mike: It's very unusual to leave embassies with no ambassador -- successors are in place before anyone leaves. As for the rest, here's what Chuck Schumer had to say:

“Over the last several weeks, Republicans have made a mockery of the cabinet hearing process, trying to jam through nominees in truncated hearings,” Mr. Schumer told reporters. “Senate Republicans did not want to have a full debate on the merits of these nominees in committee, but they should be prepared to do so on the floor.”

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