Monday, January 09, 2017

Streep vs. Trump

From HERE.

I pre-wrote Trump's response for him last night, but he came up with one that was even more of a caricature of himself. 

Apparently thinking you shouldn't make fun of people with disabilities makes you an "elitist" in the eyes of most conservatives.

Trump really is going to run this country like Putin runs Russia. (God help us all.) Does this mean we really did cry wolf when we were outraged W. let the U.S. spy on us without going to the FISA court, locked people who haven't been charged with crimes for life in Gitmo and said it was OK to torture people, or has the bar simply been removed?


Dwight Williamson said...

Who is worse . Trump is the new 🍊 orange, or Kelly Anne Crack whore?

jaragon said...

Big Orange Clown is big baby

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