Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (01/24)

What got lost in the election shuffle is that it's Republicans who have been ramming "free trade" down our throats for decades. Democrats have had to live with this decision -- George H.W. Bush is the one who signed NAFTA, not Bill Clinton -- and have evolved with a changing world to try to make the best of it. What people don't realize is Trump's decision to exit the Trans--Pacific Partnership was a strategic win for China -- the very country it was trying to rein in -- and will do nothing for the Rust Belt, or any Americans.

Here's a way for the White House to not have to be "demoralized": Stop telling lies and stick to the business of (bad) governing. Tip to Sean Spicer: The next time someone asks you about the inauguration crowd being smaller than Obama's, simply say: "Oh, really? What we saw was a large crowd of people very excited about this new president, who's eager to get to work on their behalf." Topic closed.

When campus rapists are repeat offenders / Read HERE.

It's snowing in Portland! Read HERE.

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