Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Magazine Rack

What you're missing by not subscribing to magazines anymore. BTW: Duane Reade has gotten rid of its magazine section and it seems Rite Aid is following suit. If major drugstore chains are no longer carrying magazines, will they even exist in another year or two? 

The kids at People magazine are working overtime, what with the Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds issue ...

and the George Michael issue. P.S. Anyone else wondering what is up with George's surviving partner? He tweeted that George committed suicide then insisted his account had been hacked -- and that he was "sleeping in the car" when George died. Huh? So George gets arrested for falling asleep behind the wheel in the middle of intersections and now this? Why did they even bother having a home if they prefer to sleep in cars? P.S. I scoffed at the Santa Monica Observer's HIV claims, but my friend Chad did remind me that George once told a reporter that he refused to being tested (after having a longtime partner succumb to AIDS) and did have near-fatal pneumonia in 2011. 

Debbie and Carrie through the years ...

Doris Roberts popped up as an employment-agency employee trying to help Phyllis get a job on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" the other night. I miss her.

White trash spokesmodel Dustin Johnson opens up in Golf.

Four ways to make yourself happier in 2017 HERE.

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