Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Former Celebrities That Now Have Normal Jobs

Got lured into this clickbait headline, then found an eclectic list of "stars" including one whose "normal" job isn't normal (Kirk Cameron now writes Christian books), one I don't believe (was Tony Danza's recent gig at 54 Below just for fun?), one I found extremely bitchy (the poor Sherminator) and some I'd never heard of (Jessica Sierra?).


Jonathan Bennett 

 Despite acting with Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls," Bennett was never able to reach fame. Today he is a spinning instructor at Flywheel in Los Angeles

Tony Danza

The star from "Taxi" and "Who’s the Boss?" is now an English teacher at Philadelphia Northeast High School. Who wouldn’t love to be his student? (EDITOR'S NOTE: It seems he did "teach" in 2009-10, but it was a reality-TV stunt, kind of like picking a Supreme Court justice is now.)

Nikki Blonksy 

This former "Hairspray" star struggled to find new roles after her 2007 movie. Today she is a hairstylist in Great Neck, New York.

 Chris Owen 

Despite the success of "American Pie," Chris Owen never quite found success. Today he is a waiter at a sushi restaurant and has less than 100 followers on Twitter.

 Jessica Sierra 

The fallen "American Idol" singer Jessica Sierra had to take a day job at Hooters when she realized singing wasn’t enough to pay the bills.

 Josh Saviano 

 In the 90s the most popular rumor about Josh Saviano (Paul from the "Wonder Years") was that he grew up to be Marylin Manson. The truth is not quite as exciting. He is a corporate lawyer.

Erin Moran 

Despite what seemed like a promising career, "Happy Days" star Erin Moran started to fade in the '80s. Today she is trying to make it as a writer, working out of an Indiana hotel room after being kicked out of the trailer park she used to live in.

See them all HERE.


Unsigned Source said...

Bennett is a host on Food Network Cake wars. Not sure if that's better or worse.

Jeffery said...

- You'll return to the stage...
...in my play, Midsummer Madness.
There are dozens of parts.
We open Thanksgiving in New Haven.
I'll call Max.
- Do you think I could?
- Of course you could. Couldn't she?
You'll have to work at something.
The only chance to get Patrick back
is to show Babcock...
...that you've settled down
into something steady.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Jonathan Bennett as the lead in an independent film called Submerged. According to IMDB, he's still pretty active even if it's no longer at the Mean Girls level. I doubt anybody teaches spin classes as more than just a side gig for fun. And he's still hot :-)

Matthew said...

Many of these are just fake as hell. I wouldn't give 'em the clicks. Bennett has never left entertainment, nor has Danza.

Steve said...

I wonder how far they dug back to create the list. It may be 'factual', but is hardly accurate. Julia Stiles (does not look like that), was in the Bourne movies, Cyndi Lauper is a Tony award winner (2016), and Wentworth Miller is in "Legends of Tomorrow".

Peter Maria said...

Josh Saviano is HOT, and IMO better looking than Fred Savage.

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