Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump Is Sworn in as 45th President, Promising ‘Only America First’

What kind of country puts ONLY itself first? I told my sister to sit my nephew and niece down today to explain to them that if you demean and sexually assault women, make fun of the disabled, lie, refuse to follow the rules, belittle immigrants and people of different religions and have your daddy give you millions of dollars then they too can rise to the highest office in the land. I never thought I could be ashamed to be an American ... until now.

Damian and our friend Greg went to the oldest gay bar in New York City last night to toast Barack Obama, the president who finally recognized us -- and all Americans -- as equal. Something tells me I will be spending a lot more time there in the next few years. #neverforget

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and 25 other celebrities send a big thank-you to President Obama HERE!


dbmeaford said...

Condolences from Canada on the Inaugurination of Comrade President Trump. You're welcome up here. Come as you are...

Peter Maria said...

I'm always happy with any post that features a picture of your friend Greg, even if the text of the post is depressing as hell. Any chance he would be willing to submit a Morning Wood selfie you could post? Or better yet, (be still my heart) a Speedo Sunday pic?