Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Party Monster 2.0

Fans of James St. James's "Disco Bloodbath" and the films it inspired will definitely want to catch "Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig," Ramon Fernandez's new documentary airing on Netlifx that brings us up to date since the onetime king of gay New York City nightlife was released from prison for his role in the 1996 killing of Angel Melendez. For the uninspired, it gives enough background -- or acts as a refresher for those of us who lived through the Club Kid era -- that you can dive right in, while also offering interesting insight into what many of the principal players are feeling now that Alig has been released from prison after 17 years for manslaughter. While some may be taken aback by Alig and St. James's ability to have a sense of humor about the tragedy, I came away feeling Alig was a remorseful man who has paid his debt to society. Curious how others feel.


If you're wondering what he's up to, he's on Twitter HERE.

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