Thursday, December 29, 2016

Magazine Rack

Here's what you're missing by not subscribing to magazines anymore:

Men's Health says brushing your teeth might boost your erection. I don't know about that, but looking at this cover definitely will. Read HERE.

Can Ryan Gosling do it all?

Read HERE.

Even President Obama's critics will soon have plenty of reasons to appreciate him / Read HERE.

I was on the Michael Fassbender bandwagon until I realized movies aren't worth seeing anymore. (Can his agent get him on television where all the good stuff is?) Read HERE.

Actually, I'm pretty sure everyone has to die / Read HERE.

Sarah Jessica Parker keeps working -- and good for her / Read HERE.

Go behind the scenes of Michael Phelps's latest SI cover HERE.

Ironic that People put this end-of-the-year "remembrance" issue together not suspecting that three of the year's biggest deaths would happen in its final week / Read HERE.

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jaragon said...

Yeah Gosling can do it all- just go watch him in "La La Land"