Friday, December 30, 2016

Horning In

Huh? Someone left this outside my neighbor-whose-dog-barks-24-hours-a-day's apartment. I'm guessing the store was all out of horse heads

P.S. Any New Yorkers know what we can do about this dog? I'm actually thinking it's being neglected.


Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

kenneth, i've been there, and while i'm not from ny, have dealt with the same situation before, so maybe i can help.

1) begin keeping a dedicated diary with dates, times, and durations of the barking, including a rating of the loudness (1-10).

2) use this website to report the noise, there's a link for suspected animal abuse, too:

3) good luck, and Happy New Year!

Stephen said...

Those horns would look fabulous on the hood of my 76 Cadillac.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Thanks, guys.

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