Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Grumpy Chat

From HERE.

At the risk of sounding more morose than I am, something has occurred to me in recent years. Death used to TERRIFY me more than anything. But maybe dying seems less scary as we get older because fewer of the people who make life worth living are around anymore. I think of my Great Aunt Betty, who outlived her parents, two husbands, all four siblings and a few nieces and nephews. That can't be enjoyable.

At least we have our memories, like the time Carrie interviewed Madonna for Rolling Stone (after Norma Mailer fell through!). Read HERE


Dwight Williamson said...

Kenny my mother is 85 she has no desire at all to die and even gets weepy when she contemplates serious sickness or death! I think lack of money or dignity are what finally bring us to the indifferent stage!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Dwight: My dignity was questionable to begin with!

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