Friday, November 18, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (11/18)

Celebrity jeweler's surrogate son, second man arrested in gruesome stabbing of Manhattan partygoer who rejected sexual advances / Read HERE.

Victim Joseph Comunale

Boy Culture isn't buying this "father-son" relationship between one of the suspected killers and his "mentor" who paid his rent, and wonders why the press isn't admitting he was the guy's "daddy." Read HERE.

Cop-killer's wife: How do I tell my son his dad's a murderer? (I just wouldn't bring it up.) Read HERE.

Michael Flynn, anti-Islamist ex-general, offered security post / Read HERE.

Pittsburgh Has a Naughty Rooster and Nobody Can Catch Him / Read HERE.

1 comment:

jaragon said...

The fake jeweler's son case reminds me of Hitchcock's "Rope" and you know it will end up as an episode on CSI Special Victims Unit

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