Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Breaking Up With the Pet Shop Boys

Apparently if you're Dominique Davalos, Chrissie Hynde or Kathy Valentine you can get a photo with Neil Tennant, but not if you're a superfan who paid for the perfect opportunity to get one! Read HERE.


JimmyD said...

From the official site:

Each Pet Shop Boys VIP Package includes:
One Premium seat or One General Admission Ticket w/ Early Entry Ticket
Meet & Greet with the Pet Shop Boys**
1 Commemorative VIP Laminate
** An email will be sent out about one week prior to the show with the exact details for the Meet & Greet.

I'd be curious to know what details that email contained. Anyone?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@JimmyD: I am pretty sure they are upfront about it at some point -- it's just stupid and defeats the whole purpose of doing one!

JimmyD said...

Yeah, I agree, but to part ways over it? Or was there some humor to that story that I missed?
I know of one artist who kept cancelling tours to Australia... after tickets had been sold. My friends there had less of a problem with that... and those tickets were probably just as expensive... without a meet-n-greet!
I understand disappointment. But, disappointment with something that wasn't promised or offered in the first place is, in my opinion, a bit petty... and then throw on the "I've over them" bit...
I went to their book signing in SF. The line was told, "No pics with the boys." (True, there was a huge line, not just 11...). I had bought the book, there at the store, and had brought my recently purchased copy of their live album, Concrete, to be signed as well. The smug store clerk told me, "They are ONLY signing their NEW album!" To which I replied, "This IS their new album." Which got the Boy's attention.
Chris pipes up, "When did you get that?!" and waved me to the table. "Amoeba has it... and it's brilliant!" They signed the book and the CD while chatting for a few minutes longer than most people got.
I guess I'd rather have a story than a picture. :)

Taffy said...

actually, you are NOT paying for a pic-with. They are very specific and upfront (and have been for many years) that the VIP meet and greet does not include a pic and that pics are forbidden. people can complain they want but you know what you're getting for your money so whats the point?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Taffy: The point is it's stupid!

Taffy said...

but the whole point of boy culture's blog entry about the show is to complain about how they won't take pics with fans when he knew the "rules" going into it. yeah, it's crazy expensive, but nobody's arm was twisted. you're paying for a chance for autographs and a minute to speak with them. it's just sour grapes to whine about something you willingly went along with. to me, stupid is paying money for a no-pic agreement you agreed to.

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