Friday, October 07, 2016

Malaysian Court Lets Aussies Off Who Partied in Skimpy Speedos

The courts let them off, and they got me off. Everyone wins.

The Associated Press reports: 
Nine Australians charged after stripping down to skimpy briefs at the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix walked free Thursday without a conviction after pleading guilty to causing a public nuisance and apologizing. The nine were detained Sunday after they partied in Budgy Smuggler-brand swimsuits decorated with the Malaysian flag and drank beer from shoes in full view of thousands of spectators at the Sepang track after Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo won the race. Defense lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said the court accepted his argument that it was a trivial offense and that the nine, dressed in suits, were ignorant of the local culture and remorseful. He said one of them read out an apology to the court. Shafee said the court admonished the nine and discharged them without convictions.

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