Thursday, October 20, 2016

Madonna Tops Amy Schumer

Yahoo reports about the fun dom-sub situation:
On Tuesday, Amy Schumer performed at Madison Square Garden and the surprise opener was none other than Madonna. (It was a thank you to Schumer for opening for Madonna during three Rebel Heart tour dates in NYC in 2015.) The Material Girl took the stage to introduce the “insanely funny” “genius of comedy” Schumer. It involved some racy stumping for Hillary Clinton. The power blondes then danced together onstage (with a little grinding) to kick off the comedy show. 
Behind the scenes, things were even more fun apparently. The funny gal and “f***ing Madonna,” as Schumer called her, hung out with her friends. We’re sure not just anyone could get “f***ing Madonna” to do a human pyramid, but Schumer did and it was incredible. 
Madonna (with those buff arms) was on top of the lady tower. She appeared to be cracking up. Schumer was on the bottom row, looking a little nervous that she may injure her Madgesty. 
The human pyramid is apparently Schumer’s go-to move when she’s bonding with a new pal. Well, the famous ones anyway. We’ll never forget the one she did with Jennifer Lawrence in July 2015. What great form! Again, Schumer served as anchor and she let her friend shine in the top spot. 
After the show, Madonna posted a photo with Schumer, writing, “Love and Respect this woman so much!! Thanks for letting me get on your stage! It was AWESOME!!” She also posted a photo of her onstage, captioning it, “So much fun opening up for amyschumer at Madison Square Garden tonight!! It was short but it was sweet (like me). I’m forever changed! Love you Amy.”

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