Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hot UFO Nut Dies

You know what they say, conspiracy theorist in the boardroom, freak in the sheets.

The New York Post writes:
A conspiracy theorist has been found dead in Poland — just days after he texted his mom instructing her to “investigate” should anything happen to him. Max Spiers, a 39-year-old father of two, was found dead on a sofa in Poland, where he had gone to give a talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs. He was ruled to have died from natural causes despite no post-mortem examination being carried out on his body. But his dark investigations into UFOs and government coverups may have made him enemies who wanted him dead, says mother Vanessa Bates, 63. In a chilling text message to his mom just days before his death, Spiers wrote: “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.” Originally from Canterbury, Spiers was a former classmate of Orlando Bloom. He lived in the United States for a few years but returned to the UK to stay with his mother, before jetting off to Poland.
His fiancee says he was going to expose the "black magic" ring, whatever that means

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Steve said...

It's interesting that you identified him as "hot" in your headline. I thought the same thing when I saw the article about his untimely demise. Very attractive man. Accordingly to his mother he was in very good shape physically, so his death strikes me as suspicious. An actuary will tell you that a 39 year old man in apparent good health has less than one chance in three thousand of dying within a year from something other than an accident, homicide or suicide. I'm not a UFO fanatic or conspiratorialist, but governments do find ways from time to time of ridding themselves of those they find inconvenient: for example, the murder of Georgi Markov in London by the poison pellet from the tip of an umbrella.

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