Friday, October 14, 2016

CAA Managing Director Bryan Lourd Weds Longtime Boyfriend Bruce Bozzi

For the uninitiated, Bryan Lourd is Carrie Fisher's ex husband and the father of her one child -- he forgot to tell her he was gay! -- and Bruce Bozzi's family owns the famed Palm restaurant. (He also has a show on RadioAndy.)

Page Six reports that the longterm power couple got hitched at the Beverly Hills Courthouse “with their parents on hand and [daughters] Billie and Ava, who gave the rings,” a source said. (Billie is Lourd’s daughter from his relationship with Fisher.) Bozzi posted: “We lovingly made our family official. Though we’ve been married in our hearts for years today The State of California made us legal!” An insider joked of the hard-working duo: “I guess Yom Kippur is the one night they could take off and get married in Hollywood.”

Mazel tov!

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