Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tim Tebow and Texas A&M Quarterback Trevor Knight Are 'Brothers in Christ'

Or as I refer to them, homosexual lovers.

trevor_knight9 Had the privilege to hear @timtebow preach the gospel tonight at chapel. Grateful for great ball players who paved the path for guys like me but even more thankful for brothers in Christ who lead like Tim! Safe to say I'm all filled up. Let's rock and roll.

Trevor flaunts his stuff HERE.


jaragon said...

They make a cute couple I'm sure they have fun after they pray together....

Larry said...

Wow, and Tim filled Trevor up, too.

Joe said...

I only see bonding in the Spirit. Trevor maybe would do it once and then block it out of his mind. Timmy maybe'll lose his virginity around forty or maybe he'll never do it. I think that as long as Timmy has a full length mirror, he'll be OK.

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