Monday, September 12, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (09/12)

The latest (fake) Clinton scandal follows the partisan script to a T. But people get sick all the time, folks. Remember when George H.W. Bush vomited and fainted on the prime minister of Japan? I'd rather have a woman who works while sick than a man-baby (whose few policies we know about are not in keeping with democracy or the U.S. Constitution) who has to sleep in his own bed every night any day. (Get some rest, Mrs. Clinton.)

And remember when General David Petraeus fainted during grilling over U.S. strategy in Afghanistan? Read HERE.

Here’s what happens if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump drop out of the campaign for health problems [sigh] / Read HERE.

Opening Statements to Start in Trial, Without Jury, Over Potsdam Boy’s Murder / Read HERE.

A Town Named for Bacon Considers Switching to Pie / Read HERE.

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