Thursday, September 08, 2016

'Finding Prince Charming' Suitor Says He Was Fired for 'Liability' of His 'TV Venture'

Logo's "Finding Prince Charming" hasn't even premiered, yet two of its contestants have seen their lives upended by merely participating. As you know, the prince himself was blindsided by the fact that people would be able to figure out he'd been a hooker, just because his name and photos advertising the fact have been on the Internet for the past decade. And now comes news that one of his suitors -- 32-year-old New York native and self-described "total momma's boy" Chad Aaron -- has been fired from his real-estate job because of "the liability" of his "TV venture." Chad, whose profile says worked for a high-end property firm, tweeted that his boss knew he was going to be on the show, yet fired him anyway. This show seems to be wearing a tiki necklace around its neck to match the pearl one Sepulveda doled out for cash. Best of luck moving forward, Chad. I'm sure you'll land on your feet. I reached out to him for comment but have not heard back so far.

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jaragon said...

He could become a hooker too- well at least do some porn

paintbrush said...

I would think he'd be an asset to the company. There's a former porn star working in NY real estate on a reality show on TV right now. (Million Dollar Listings:NY)

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