Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Alexis Arquette Was in Hardcore British Film, 'Wouldn't Give a Shit' About Sex Tape

I didn't post about xHamster having supposedly bought an Alexis Arquette sex tape so they "could destroy it" because a) it seemed like a publicity stunt for the company that b) only drew attention to the fact that such a tape existed. (Who would have known or cared if not for this announcement?) Also, c) I don't see why, as xHamster claims, it would have dragged Alexis through the mud when it seemed like something she would have done like everything in her life: With no regrets.

Turns out I was right. While I was in Detroit a friend emailed me the following:
I was in the audience at a NY gay film festival in 2000 for a screening of "Piccadilly Pickups," a hardcore British porno starring Alexis Arquette, who was in the audience and spoke afterwards. She wouldn't give a shit about a sex tape. The highlight of the movie was Alexis blowing himself and fucking some guy while in drag. I see the film listed in the IMDB but was always surprised that I never heard anyone mention it again.
Speaking of regrets: It's starting to sound like she only succumbed to AIDS-related causes because she went off her meds. I have never had to be on medication to sustain life before so I don't exactly know what it's like. (I do take a daily pill for anxiety, and I would never resist it.) But I'd sure like to know if she did regret that decision, one that escapes a hypochondriac like me.

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