Sunday, September 11, 2016

Alexis Arquette Is Dead at 47

Alexis Arquette, best known for playing a Boy George-esque character in "The Wedding Singer" (and for wanting to POUND ME), has died of unspecified causes at 47. (UPDATE: A former lover says it was AIDS-related cancer.) The performer was reportedly surrounded by all of her famous brothers and sisters singing David Bowie's "Starman." Alexis's brother Richmond posted a statement on Facebook about the news, although it was hard to tell if it was a heartfelt remembrance or a roast.

Did he "in" Alexis as cisgender? 

There's no right or wrong way to mourn a family member, but Richmond's post did strike me as odd. Some are saying it was a knowing, wry nod to Alexis's gender fluidity. That would make sense except it would seem to indicate that Alexis had transitioned back to being male, something I'm not sure was made public. 

I vaguely recall Alexis's not wanting to undergo gender-reassignment surgery being a sticking point in a reality TV show about his journey into womanhood falling through, back when people (wrongly) thought having an operation was mandatory for being transgender. RIP.

UPDATE: A moving statement signed by all four of Alexis's siblings was released later in the day that only referred to her as being their sister. Condolences to the all of her friends and family. Read HERE.

UPDATE 2: I think I get Richmond's statement now. He was riffing on David Arquette telling the media in February that Alexis had told him he was no longer identifying as transgender after Caitlyn Jenner came out as trans and was such an embarrassment. I tend to believe Alexis was being tongue-in-cheek, but humor between siblings is special brand I know (and appreciate) well. Read HERE.

UPDATE 3: It seems Alexis wasn't kidding when he told brother David earlier this year she was going to live as female and male moving forward, as you can see from this photo that was posted on Facebook by a friend a month ago.

Alexis never really fell into the typical transgender category. He was a gay man, a gay man who did drag and then a gay man who transitioned, but in her own way. This is just further proof that the transgender umbrella covers a diverse group of people, which should come as no surprise given how diverse all people are.

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