Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Queerty's Benji Douglas Seems Really Smart

Wow, Queerty has always had some questionable moments. But things seem to have really gone to hell in a hand basket since Jeremy Kinser was given the boot. No, "Benji," this isn't a "rumor." You want to know how I know they were at Prince Azim of Brunei's birthday party? Gus Kenworthy said so IN THE CAPTION of his photo that I saw before he deleted it from Instagram -- and discussed it at length with me when I contacted him, like an actual journalist does. Who exactly is accusing first, asking questions later?

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Jeff Epperly said...

Queerty is just the worst. It's what's become of the LGBT press and as much as anyone might have had issues with the old guard, at least many of the people working in it were of above average intelligence. Now we have...Queerty. Eeew.