Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Plastic Surgery 'Hall' of Fame

Did birthday girl Gillian Anderson go to the top face doctor in Beverly Hills and say, "Give me the Jerry Hall"? She looks great, by the way.


Rupert Gee said...

When I just came to your site and saw her face, I totally thought it was Jerry Hall!

edmcan said...

It could just be great lighting and photoshop, but that's not her original mouth, for sure.

Peter Maria said...

I think she looks fantastic! I'm a fan of good plastic surgery; it's just that you often don't see it. I think she also takes care of herself, mainly by avoiding the evil, aging sun, and moisturizing. If she is a smoker, it doesn't show. She is great in several Dicken's made-for-TV movies on PBS, often shown on the Masterpiece series. Incredible as Miss Havisham in "Great Expectations". Loved her character on "Hannibal". And have the Netflix Original series "The Fall" in my queue, which she is the lead in, but haven't gotten a chance to watch yet.

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