Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (08/24)

The latest bullshit scandal surrounding the Clintons prompted me to tweet about it, which became my biggest one to date thanks to a retweet from Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall!

From HERE.

NYC lawyers argue that cops can arrest anyone — even Barbara Walters — if you stop to talk with protesters / Read HERE.

‘I Have a Black Son in Baltimore’: Anxious New Parents and an Era of Unease / Read HERE

When Is Kate Spade Not Kate Spade? When She’s Frances Valentine / Read HERE.

(Did you know Kate Spade got her surname by marrying to David Spade's brother?!)

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Anonymous said...

the media has jumped all over this report, calling it "pay for play" in spite of all reports pointing to the opposite, and yet seems to have forgotten about trump failing to release any tax returns - seriously?

hillary has released tax returns dating back to 1977 (cbs), until trump releases the first two pages of his taxes for at least 10 years that shows his income, debt, tax rate, and charitable deductions, he's has zero credibility when compared with the clinton gobal initiative or the clinton foundation.

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