Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (08/23)

A world-famous athlete hooked up? Stop the presses! Read HERE.

Keith Hernandez, Bobby Ojeda other former Mets teammates of Darryl Strawberry split over how to help Doc Gooden / Read HERE.

Instead of continuing to blame Hillary Clinton for using a private email server, why don't we acknowledge tracking down old emails is tricky or start blaming the IT people who haven't already tracked down what's missing here? If you told me I sent 100,000 emails in 2014 I would say, OK. Then if you came back to me and said, No, you sent 250,000! I would also say, OK. Also, If there were really something shady going on, it probably wouldn't matter what your sample size was. Read HERE.

Post-Brexit, Little Britain Has a Small Chance of Staying in Mini-Europe / Read HERE.

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