Monday, August 15, 2016

Morning Wood

Morning wood is one of several similar slang or colloquial terms referring to the phenomenon of nocturnal penile tumescence (erection) during and immediately following sleep. 

People often ask me where I get the photos for my Morning Wood feature. The answer is pretty much "everywhere." Sometimes I'll see a photo on a Tumblr or another blog. Sometimes readers will point me to a guy -- actor, model, jock -- they think I might like. Occasionally I'll even get reader submissions, which seem to be especially popular. On rare occasion I might even snap a sneaky pic of someone too hot to pass up.

When I first started doing the feature in 2005, I always included the subject's name. Back then, I tended to use celebrities or models whose name I could run down. But after getting dozens of young men begging to be featured, a few years went by and the same men who pleaded to be featured were now asking me to remove their name from the post, often because they had left "modeling" behind and were now applying for jobs and grad school and didn't like the idea of something titled "Morning Wood" being associated with their name. After the 10th request -- and as I started to use more "regular' (hot) guys, I deliberately decided to exclude the guy's name, even if I knew what it was.

Send your recommendations/photos HERE.

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Normie said...

If anyone is interested, this is Patrick Grant - a Savile Row fashion designer. :)

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