Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Meet the Cast of (Gay) 'Finding Prince Charming'

UPDATE: Was our Cinderella once an escort? Read HERE.

Even with all that eye candy, I can't bring myself to sit through "The Bachelorette" -- even when my gay friend was on it pretending to be straight! And "Boy Meets Boy" was pretty excruciating. But nonetheless, the 13 men vying for the attention of TV's latest gay bachelor have been revealed ... and TMZ reports that there's a LOT of scruff on those faces. The site obtained pics of the guys Robert Sepulveda Jr.., an interior designer from Atlanta, will have to choose from ... and they have very varied backgrounds. Their day gigs include real estate agents, stylists, publicists and even a spiritual practitioner. (At least one of them wasn't stereotypical!) Lance Bass will host "Finding Prince Charming," which premieres next month on Logo.

UPDATE: TMZ has pulled its link with bios on all the guys. Has the drama already begun?

My eye's on Chad ...

Chad (New York, NY) has worn many hats in his career, but now is focused on real estate making him a really interesting guy. He currently lives in NYC so he can be close to Mom since he is an only child. His interests include geography, culture & animals.

UPDATE 2: They have moved it to their Too Fab outlet HERE.

Learn more about your prince HERE.


S said...

Sad that I know of some of these (attention) whores lol.

Johnny Diaz said...

None are from South Florida for me to write about :(

Carlo said...

They're not all gym bunnies, but that lineup still makes me think he had "no fats, no femmes, no asians" in his grindr profile.

jaragon said...

I hope it's as bad as "The A List" and what happened to those gay clowns?