Monday, July 25, 2016

Stay Out of This, Woman

I know plenty of straight men have serious issues with women. But I never really bought the idea that some gay men hate women until I saw that many would rather have an unhinged prick try to undermine everything Democrats have done for the LGBT community than elect a female president. (I can already hear the first woman nominee getting heckled during her acceptance speech.) You can deny your misogyny all you want, but never has a candidate required sainthood to receive support before this one. I hope people can live with themselves come 2017.


Mike in Asheville said...

Lets be clear -- Donald Trump is an enemyof equality for LGBT, of women and equal pay, of minorities for civil rights, and of immigrants for assimilation, of the environment [a denier]. Where will our democracy be after Trump [if he gets his proclaimed desire] ignores the First Amendment outlawing free speech and a free press.

Trumps believes [in his speech and his comments during the convention] killing those who get in the way of authoritarianism; his authoritarianism.

Jerry Lambert said...

Trump cannot and must not be elected. They dystopian future that he was selling last week will become a reality, I have no doubt. I now and have always fully supported Hillary Clinton. I have been waring people agains Bernie Sanders unhinged supporters for months, and most people have ignored this because they felt that in the end they would do the right thing. Well they aren't doing the right thing. Not so far.

Mark said...

"I hope people can live with themselves come 2017."

...and for the rest of their lives with his 2+ (most likely) Supreme Court nominations who will be clones of himself and Pence. That's what scares the shit out of me. 4 years of hell is bad, but his LIFETIME Supreme Court appointees? Hate Hillary all you want, but get here in there for this reason alone, then get rid of her in 4 years.

Dwight Williamson said...

Why not stop believing twenty five years of lies, read up on Judicial Watch and Mr. Mellon Scaife . After that send Hillary an apology a few dozen roses. Then elect her to her second term !

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