Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Wow. There truly is nothing that can't be blamed on the nice grandmother from Illinois. 


Chris said...

Clearly someone lifted some material from Michelle's speech. The parallels are too close for this to have been the result of the two ladies simply thinking along the same lines.

I doubt that Melania is so naive that she would do this on her own without suspecting that anyone would check her speech against Michelle's. Probably some lazy speechwriter fed this up to the campaign.

I just wonder -- did you express the same outrage when Joe Biden cribbed a paragraph from a speech by Neil Kinnock?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Chris: You really showed your hand here -- and don't even seem to realize it. My outrage has nothing to do with the lifted words -- it's that the Trump campaign is BLAMING Hillary Clinton for this.

Sandy said...

I'm not sure what Chris's "hand" is. But I know he doesn't know how to read.

Mel to Pay said...

I love that Chris thinks he's sneaking in his "gotcha" moment at the end, not realizing you never said anything about the speech!

Damian said...

Just to pile onto the critical-thinking skills-challenged Chris, he's insisting there HAD to have been plagiarism--from some unknown devious source of course-- and somehow ignoring that the Trump campaign he's purportedly a fan of is trying to pass it off as some sort of coincidence instead, as the blog post mentions. Right-wing arguments are all about ignoring the issue at hand by using a phrase that supposedly "wins" the debate instantly. Biden did it! Black on black crime! Benghazi!

Anonymous said...

while i don't know about chris, as soon as fox news revealed hillary was to blame for climate change, 9/11, isil, and the 2008 financial collapse, i haven't trusted her one bit.

Bill Carter said...

In response to the original question from the gentleman who missed the point:

When the Biden/Kinnock plagiarism came to light, Biden was forced to end his campaign for the Presidency, so, yes, there was outrage and there were serious consequences.

I doubt Melania will have to quit her job as the current Mrs.Trump. It looks like she's still got a couple more years on her before Trump drops her for a younger, hotter model.

Bill Carter said...

Two things I want to add, probably long after everybody has moved on:

1. "Outrage." I don't think there's really been much "outrage" about Mrs. Trump's plagiarism. What I hear is amusement, rather than condemnation. Did anybody really expect anything original or perceptive from a Trump campaign spokesmodel? The whole incident is just one more piece of shabbiness in the ludicrous Trump campaign.

It's like the white trash Palins. Nobody gets outraged anymore when Sarah babbles incoherently, or one of her spawn gets jailed or knocked up again. She's lowered the bar so many times that whatever nuttiness comes out of that family is unsurprising. At most, someone might say something like, "Sounds like Sarah's gone off her medication again."

2. Plagiarism. People seem to forget is that, despite Mrs. Trump's claim that she wrote the speech herself, what we probably have is Mrs. Trump's speechwriters plagiarizing Mrs. Obama's, and Senator Biden's speechwriters plagiarizing Mr. Kinnock's

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