Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mail Re-Call

Redacted to protect the less-attractive child.

Not sure what's more hilarious: that my sister and I loved getting mail so much as kids (didn't you?!) that we set up our own mailboxes and wrote each other back and forth -- despite having bedrooms that were next to one another. Or how my sister finished her text to me when she recently discovered one of my correspondences:


Dwight Supremacy said...

This is all so cute. The "P.S. Write right now!" really tickles me.

Bill Carter said...


Mark said...

LOL omg that's awesome! I feel like I'm on W. Kiva right now!

Mo Bell said...

OMG, you bring back old memories. My sister and I, in the 60s, had toy telephones that were wired together and actually worked. We strung the wire down the hall between our bedrooms and could call each other from our rooms after our bed times.

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