Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Theresa Saldana, Actress Who Survived Stalker Knife Attack, Is Dead at 61

Sad to read about the passing of Theresa Saldana, who played Robert De Niro's wife in "Raging Bull" before she became even more (in)famous as the victim in a highly publicized stabbing. She was 61. TMZ reports that Saldana had been hospitalized with an unknown illness and died Monday at Cedars-Sinai. Saldana also starred on '90s police drama "The Commish." The actress made headlines in 1982 after being stabbed by a deranged fan outside her West Hollywood home. A delivery man who happened to be driving by saw her and came to her rescue. MSM recalls that Saldana's attack took place two years after the assassination of John Lennon and seven years before the murder of "My Sister Sam" actress Rebecca Schaeffer -- but went on to resume her acting career and provide both a face and a voice to the then-new issue of celebrity stalking. She stopped acting in 2004. May she rest in peace.

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