Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Larry Sanders Show

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Larry likes the box almost as much as I like the Sanders Bumpy Cake that came in it from my Detroit best friend, Mark, for my upcoming birthday (June 8)! As for the little guy's health, we're kind of in a holding pattern right now as he is doing reasonably well at the moment after some very dark periods. The next step would be performing a CT scan, thoracoscopy and/or a pericardiectomy, none of which is likely to help -- but all of which would be incredibly taxing on his now-frail body. Each time he gets the fluid tapped, it takes him longer to rebound. It was so bad the last two times that we actually had made appointments to have him put down in recent weeks, but each time he overheard us discussing it he suddenly rebounded(!) -- which has convinced us that sedation is his worst enemy. With that in mind, we've decided putting him under general anesthesia for what the doctor thinks will be exploratory at best and deadly at worst is not worth it, at least not right now. Although he's running at about 25%, he is acting an awful lot like his old cute self -- eating, hanging out with us again and purring up a storm -- and seems as happy as he can be given the circumstances, which for those who are not up-to-date is most likely a slower-moving cancer (mesothelioma is their best guess as it is hard to detect without an invasive biopsy). Everything could change on a dime, but for now we're just enjoying every second we have with him as we feel like he is on his eighth life. xo

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edmcan said...

Happy Birthday Kenneth-mine's in July. Who doesn't like Sanders Bumpy cake? I still think about Larry a lot and hope that everyone, including him, is enjoying their lives.

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