Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Absolutely Not' by Deborah Cox

When my friend Jay and I suddenly -- and somewhat inexplicably -- started frequenting the Roxy in the early aughts, this Deborah Cox number was The Song: The one you waited for all night and got everyone -- even the tweaked-out freaks standing in the corner -- on the dance floor! 

Haven't thought of it -- or her -- in ages until I made a Deborah Cox joke while watching "Bloodline." Turns out the "Stranger in My House Joke" was inaccurate -- that was Tamia! -- but as is often the case in my life of strange coincidences, the very next day Deborah Cox appeared in my inbox, as one of the special guests next week at the Trevor Project's 2016 awards gala. (Is this a sign that I should be going?) Tickets HERE.

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