Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Phil Collins Is 'Not Dead Yet'

Order HERE.

Bittersweet seeing this cover -- and title -- of the upcoming memoir by my late friend Larry Brickman's all-time favorite artist. I named my cat after my friend who was taken from us way too soon so that my furry friend should meet a similar fate doubly crushed me. As I told Larry's mother when I asked her if it was OK to name my new pet after him, "I want to name the kitten Larry because I just can't bear to not have a Larry in my life." (I still can't.) Wish they were both here now -- Larry to lie on my chest and the older Larry to surprise with a copy of this new book. :-(

In Paris with the first Larry in my life, circa 2001.


Look what came in the mail today -- a tree was planted in Israel in Larry's memory today, courtesy of my old friend/roommate Paul Samson. Incredibly sweet gesture. xo

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Mick said...

So heartbreaking and yet you are doing wonderfully in spite of all of it. I really admire you. Maybe having a boyfriend helps too. :) <3

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