Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Children of the '70s Rejoice

I heard there was a new "Match Game." But no one told me about the "$100,000 Pyramid" reboot -- my favorite game to plan when home with the family -- and naturally Rosie O'Donnell is on both! Compare and contrast HERE.


Unknown said...

Loved the Pyramid growing up. The Game Show Network's attempt at a redo with Donny Osmond was NOT up to snuff in my book. Also loved Scrabble with Chuck Woolery. A bit dry to watch, but it was a fun word puzzle game that had some of the best written, challenging clues. And it had suspense due to the countdown clock.

Anonymous said...

both reboots were better than expected, and stayed more true to the original shows than expected, although the writing seemed amateurish compared to their counterparts, and both hosts, while competent, didn't rise to the level of the originals, either (at least not yet).

Bob K said...

Pyramid was OK, better at moments. Match Game suffered from disorganization, poor balance of guests, and the fact that Alec is not an experienced off-the-cuff, commentator, like Gene Rayburn. I found it painful.