Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Melissa Gilbert Drops Out of Congressional Race Due to Spinal Injury

I'd be lying if I didn't admit I totally saw this coming -- ask Carrie what life is like on a prairie!

“Little House on the Prairie” actress Melissa Gilbert is dropping out of the race for a congressional seat in Michigan, citing advice from her doctors. Gilbert made the announcement through a statement issued by her campaign shortly after a report by WDIV-TV Local 4 on Tuesday evening that she intended to leave the race, and a Free Press report that Democratic members of Michigan's congressional delegation had been told Tuesday about Gilbert's impending decision. In her statement, Gilbert said injuries to her head and neck sustained in accidents had worsened, forcing her from the race and denying Democrats what may have been their best chance to pick up what has been a reliably Republican district in recent years. 
"While I have received the best treatment and therapy I could have asked for, those injuries have only gotten worse," Gilbert said. "As much as it breaks my heart to say this, my doctors have told me I am physically unable to continue my run for Congress."

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macguffin Fifty four said...

That's not Meliisa Gilbert. It's Lindsay/Sidney Greenbbush (Carrie, the biggest waste of space on tv ever-- the character not the actresses.)

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