Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Larry On

Thanks to everyone who has inquired about Larry. Specialist at Animal Medical Center ran some more tests and had some interesting theories about what is ailing my little guy, but still nothing definitive. (An abnormality of the pericardium or mesothelioma -- which occurs spntaneously in cats, unrelated to asbestos -- have been hypothesized.) Larry has slowed down enormously, which has given us pause about even pursuing this further -- but then he will bounce back again and convince us to carry on. Will let you know where we go from here. The CT scan remains on the table, so donations are still greatly appreciated. xo

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edmcan said...

Thanks for the update Kenneth, I was thinking about Larry today and didn't want to impose again. Enjoy each other.

Peter Maria said...

Thanks for the update! I would donate more if I could, but I am saving for my own MRI.

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