Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Harvey Milk Day

Lest we forget this important observance, which unfortunately fell on a Sunday. Love what Nancy Pelosi had to say about this fallen hero.

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Unknown said...

!971-ish. The Stud, San Francisco, at its most cool and most butch. Harvey, Divine and Sylvester out of drag, the coolest guys, and me. I remember the outcry when Budweiser went up from 25 cents.
We were so glad to have a comfortable place with INCREDIBLE music (they say Carlos Santana stopped by for the music), no cops, and no Gays from the previous era, the Fluffy Sweater crowd. We were pioneers, but did not really think of that.
Guys nodded hello to fellow regulars they had not really talked with.
Some people were on Aid to the Totally Disabled, others, like me, dared to stop in after working late with my tie still on.
No one made fun of you if you were not handsome or hot.


Bob K

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