Tuesday, May 31, 2016

'Chelsea' Showrunner Exits After Just Three Weeks

I adore Chelsea Handler, so would probably watch whatever she came up with. But here's hoping news that the guy who runs her new Netflix talk show has left after nine episodes will mean that the show will change moving forward. I know she was hoping to make this one more educational. But the best part of "Chelsea Lately" was always the round table -- where she could interact and react to people, her bread and butter -- so 30 minutes with no commercials is a lot of time to fill up trying to make kooky celebrities seem interesting (sorry, Gwen Stefani) and cabinet members seem entertaining. Perhaps she should do what she did on the episode with Chris Evans where she films a group of people at a dinner table discussing a given topic. I couldn't care less about super heroes, but this give-and-take format allowed her to shine, so it didn't even matter. This is what she did on most of her "Chelsea Does ..." specials, and it might be the way to go with "Chelsea" moving forward. Doing the first streaming talk show was always going to be a trial-and-error effort, so there's no shame in shifting gears. Here's hoping things start moving in a funnier direction.

Now if Chelsea could just get him to TAKE HIS PANTS OFF again ...

UPDATE: Chelsea addresses the reports.

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SFRowGuy said...

Chelsea might have been able to get Chris' pants off, she just needed a bus ... or some whipped cream and cherries.