Monday, May 09, 2016

Amy Schumer's 'The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo' Cover Revealed

Order HERE.

I'm in awe of Amy Schumer for reneging on her $1 million book deal when she realized she is now way more famous than when she signed it and then negotionating for $9 million more.

According to her website, the book will feature "personal and observational stories from Schumer that range from the raunchy to the romantic, the heartfelt to the harrowing.” The comedian said: "Believe it or not, there’s actually more I have to say."

"Amy Schumer is not an entertainer who can actually write," Gallery Books publisher Jennifer Bergstrom said in a statement. "She’s a writer, who also happens to entertain."

"The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo" will be released in August.

Can't wait -- and way to land such a hot piece of ass!

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