Wednesday, April 20, 2016

White Man's 'Burden'

Life Expectancy for White Americans Declines

African-American men gained 0.4 year of life expectancy in 2014, to 72.2 years

You can always count on the knuckle-draggers to be the first to comment on stories about, well, just about anything, Time to relinguish the burden, white fellas ...
Charles Bede
3 hours ago
Basically, White people have created, driven, carried civilization from the beginning until now. The other groups have been been carried along, with varying degrees of success. Cumulatively, White people have become fatigued, are tired of this historic burden. Reduced longevity is the obvious outcome. The only viable long term solution is for White people to relinguish the burden to others, withdraw and support their own, apart from existing mongrelized society. Other groups will be left to do the same, will be on their own. Historically, this is the only system that has/can work.
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