Tuesday, April 05, 2016

'Super' Response -- UPDATE

As the enamel on Bernie Sanders' pearly white campaign begins to erode, my pal Jon Reinish offers this perfect comeback for your friends who are ready to sue the DNC over superdelegates, but have no problem with the completely undemocratic state caucuses, where Bernie is king!
A word on super delegates for anyone drinking the ‪#‎BernieBrew‬: they were masterminded in large part by Tad Devine, Bernie Sanders' chief campaign strategist, in 1984; they do not weigh in until the convention, by which time we have always had a nominee; they have never tipped the scales for a victor or been determinative in picking a victor. End of story. They ARE: largely Democratic elected officials and state level party activists who exist in the trenches, fighting good fights for Democrats and progressive victories, seen and unseen. They ARE NOT: shadowy figures smoking cigars and throwing dice while petting hairless cats and wearing monocles (mostly).
And never mind the fact that Bernie's new path to victory banks on winning over ... superdelegates!

UPDATE: A Bernie supporter has published a "hit list" of Democratic superdelegates? This is truly disturbing but no longer surprising ...

Read HERE.


Jerry Lambert said...

Secretary Clinton has raised 30 million for down ticket Democrats. Sanders has raised ZERO. So obviously super delegates are going to go to her. She has put in the work, and I might add that Sanders has been the recipient of that largesse more than once. Yes, thats right, Sanders has received money from Hillary's Super PAC. Just a fact.

Anonymous said...

why hasn't bernie raised down-ticket dollars for the democratic party? it's because he isn't a democrat.

i would expect the democrat running for office to receive the votes of superdelegates within the democratic party, not the candidate who only uses the party when it's convenient.

what's been eye-opening for me is the realization of how many voters had no clue they were voting to elect delegates during the primaries. i studied who was running, their positions on the candidates, their work and history within the party, and then took a list of my top 4 choices to the polls. when the race grew more competitive, i quickly discovered most voters didn't vote for any delegates, only the candidate themselves.

JimmyD said...

What Hillary should have known about the Reagans and AIDS...

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