Friday, April 08, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (04/08)

"She has been saying lately that she thinks I am quote-unquote not qualified to be president.” 
What she actually said:
"The core of his campaign has been ‘break up the banks. And it didn’t seem, in reading his answers, that he understood exactly how that would work under Dodd-Frank, exactly who would be responsible, what the criteria were. And so that means you can’t really help people, if you don’t really know how to do what you are campaigning, to say that you want to do….I think he hadn’t done his homework. And he’d been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn’t really studied or understood…I think that what he has been saying about the core issue in his whole campaign doesn’t seem to be rooted in an understanding of either the law or the practical ways you get something done.” 
Either Bernie truly doesn't know what "quote-unquote" means, or he's gone completely off the rails. Kudos to Mrs. Clinton for exposing her opponent's weakness in an articulate and dignified manner.

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