Friday, April 22, 2016

'King of Instagram' Inks Book Deal

Dan Bilzerian -- the pro poker-playing playboy who just won a $600,000 bet he could bike from LA to Vegas in under 48 hours -- is hot if you can get past the cigars, gun fetisization, arrest for possessing explosives at LAX and the fact that he's straight. He just signed a deal with Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books to write "Blitz," a memoir featuring his "wildest, untold stories" via "essays illustrated with just-as-crazy photos." Although he has douche written all over him, he can't be all bad: The often-shirtless hunk LOVES CATS!

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Crazy, but to each his own. Sometimes I envy those that live fast and wild knowing that flirting with death will ultimately end in dying young.

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