Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kelly Ripa Is No-Show at 'Live' After Getting Blindsided by Michael Strahan Exit

I've never watched this show before, but my friend Chad is obsessed -- so I thought I'd share his thoughts for those of you who also love some "LIVE With Kelly and ...":

Chad writes:
Anyone who knows me well knows that I wake up every morning watching LIVE with Kelly and Michael. So, I feel like I should share my thoughts on the announcement that Michael Strahan is leaving the show to go full-time at GMA. To use one of Kelly's favorite phrases, Bye Felicia! 
I started watching Live in 2001, shortly after Kelly permanently took over for Kathie Lee. And quickly fell in love with her humor and spunky energy. Everyone knows that I love me some Kelly! When Regis left, I was actually rooting for Michael Strahan to get the job. His chemistry with Kelly was infectious and joyful, and I thought he'd be the best co-host (from the ones auditioning). But over time, it became apparent that he lacked the skills to really carry the show. He just didn't have the tact, smarts or ability to conduct good interviews. Plus he's mildly misogynist and homophobic. While he is jovial, positive and fun—he does play along on the Halloween episodes—he just comes across as a dumb jock. 
So, I'm not sad to see him go. I almost wonder if he was "ousted" by Live. I mean, how do you get rid of someone who landed one of the most coveted hosting gigs in TV? Get him a permanent gig on network-sister GMA. He was expected to be at Live for decades like all his predecessors. But the press is portraying things as a complete shock. Strahan apparently told Kelly and Gelman moments after yesterday's show ended. And Kelly was out today, possibly due to being pissed. I don't know. I think Kelly is better for it. And wonder if she was really pulling the strings behind-the-scenes to get him out. 
I look forward to his replacement. While Neil Patrick Harris and Anderson Cooper are wonderful fill-ins, I doubt they would take the job permanently. Nick Lachey was a strong finalist the last time around, but I really hope it's not him. We'll have to see who emerges. Good riddance! ‪#‎kellyripa‬ ‪#‎michaelstrahan‬ ‪#‎livewithkellyandmichael‬

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Bob K said...

Actually, I thought Michael was a good foil for Kelly, because he has been willing to let her be the Alpha - the only way to exist with her - yet he holds his own, due to charm and having been raised around women.
Did you notice how Kelly competed with and outshone her handsome and capable husband, Mark Consuelos, when he subbed recently?

ABC is run by fuckheads, just as Leno taught us NBC is. Kelly should have been told much sooner.

When they had the competition for hosts 4 years ago, I rooted for Pepe le Pew, the French cartoon skunk. The name of the show would be changed to:
__"Mornings with Kelly and Smelly"

It's amazing how we talk about rich, power-mad entertainers as if they were regular folks

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