Friday, April 08, 2016

Is Andy Cohen Dating 28-Year-Old Clifton Dassuncao, a Harvard Ph.D. Candidate?

The Daily Mail is speculating whether or not Clifton Dassuncao, a 28-year-old Ph.D. candidate at Harvard, is Andy Cohen's new boyfriend, noting that the two have been seen together on Barry Diller's $150 million yact, Eos, on two trips to the Caribbean. The pair were on the yacht at the end of December and again last week with a group of couples including Diller and Diane von Furtstenberg. The first photograph of the May-December duo was posted on Dassuncao's Instagram page in July at a taping of "Watch What Happens Live" and regular updates have followed. I'm not sure how serious they are about each other, but I can add to the speculation that I saw Dassuncao literally hanging off of Cohen at Elmo a couple months ago -- in between make-out sessions -- and they seemed to be enjoying each other's company very much.

The Daily Mail reports that Dassuncao grew up in Queens, attended private school in Manhattan, then went to MIT for undergrad and Harvard for his Master's and now Ph.D.  

Fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering

As a Harvard student, Dassuncao has been known to participate in the annual Santa Speedo run -- I see him in a photo I posted from December HERE -- although he might want to keep Andy away from his hot friends ...


Unknown said...

That's May/September, PLEASE.

Bob K

Steve said...

Like the friend on the right end.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Bob K: 20 years is May-September?

What is 10?

jo gerardo said...

Good for him, nobody makes much of Trump and his much younger wife. But Mae West once said something like (paraphrased), "Twenty will go into eighty a hell of a lot more times than eighty will ever go into twenty."!

northalabama said...

i've never understood the attention to age difference weighed separately from other factors used to judge the health of a relationship.

congrats to the happy couple!

Brian Lee Brinkley said...

He's adorable! Great for them both!

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