Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Destri!

The George Harrison of Blondie turns 61 today. The band has never been the same since he was thrown out, reportedly over drug addiction. (Destri got clean and became a drug counselor in response.) The two comeback songs that really sounded like "Blondie songs" -- "Maria" and "Nothing Is Real But the Girl" -- were both penned by Destri, which from me is high praise. Was thrilled that he performed a solo show of sorts at Joe's Pub in 2012 -- read about it HERE -- but was disappointed he wasn't at kid sister Donna's show in September. Here's hoping there's some new music from him soon.

 If you haven't heard his 1981 solo album, you're definitely missing out.


Gerg14 said...

If Debbie and Chris insist upon releasing more Blondie material, then they should include covers of Destri's solo songs!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...


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